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a.Blood Components.
a.Blood Types & Availability
b.Blood Types Compatibility

Human Blood

•Person’s Weight: 80Kg x 7% x 2.2 = 12.32 pint
•1 pint = 470 Ml i.e. 1 pound
•Age 17 to …?…… Guess what years old can donate?
•One bottle of blood is donated at one time.
•Can donate every 56 days, i.e. roughly 2 months.
•To be on safe side make it once every 3 months

Blood Components

•Body starts destroying old cells after 4 months and eliminates them through urine.
•If you donate blood then it starts generating new blood cells immediately.
•Blood consists of:
•Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) White Blood Cells (WBC’s) and Platelets. They float in a substance called Plasma.

•RBC’s: Red Blood Cells.
•Formed in Bone Marrow.
•Carry Oxygen to body parts.
•Remove Carbon Di-oxide.
•After processing refrigerated for 42 days.
•Needed for: Accident victims, Surgery Patients
•Patients with blood disorders & anemic.
(Shortage of blood in the body.)

•White Blood Cells (WBC’s)
•Immune system of the body. Defence against infections.
•Formed in Bone Marrow.
•Short life cycle from few days to few weeks.
•One drop of blood can have 7,000 to 25,000.
•During an infection the number would increase significantly.

•Platelets: Tiny cells formed in Bone Marrow.
•They control bleeding by helping blood to clot.
•Body replaces Platelets in 72 hours of donation.
•Cancer and Leukemia patients need them, because chemotherapy destroys own supply of platelets.
•Stored at room temperature up to 5 days.
•Plasma is the liquid part of the blood.
•It is 92% water, 7% proteins, 1% minerals.
•Essential in Blood Clotting process.
•Patients with heavy bleeding and burn victims need it.
•Can be frozen up to ONE year.
Blood Group Occurrence

•Blood type and how many people have it?
•O+ 40%
•O- 7%
•A+ 34%
•A- 6%
•B+ 8%
•B- 1%
•AB+ 3%
•AB- 1%


O- O+ B- B+ A- A+ AB- AB+
AB+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AB- Yes Yes Yes Yes
A+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
A- Yes Yes
B+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
B- Yes Yes
O+ Yes Yes
O- Yes

•Human blood is the replacement of the Blood.
•Body re-generates blood in 56 days.
•Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets are its components, which float is Plasma.
•AB+ person can receive any type of blood.
•B- and O- are rare and fount in 1% people only.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unlimited web hosting

Once you design and develop your website you need a web hosting company providing reliable and competent services. One of the best options for web sites having high traffic and databases is an unlimited web hosting. One very common mistake is to select a web host based on your current estimates. The current traffic on your website might be very low, there should be frequent use of database but these forecasts may create problems in future when your visitors will increase in number and there would be a great number of entries in the database.
If you have launched your website and have limited web hosting plan or not proper plan then it becomes very tough for you to upgrade your website because a large number of visitors will be there on your web site. So upgrading your web-hosting plan would create a problem for you and would be more costly. If you have unlimited web hosting plan then it becomes easy to add some features in your website. So unlimited web hosting is an attractive option because if you have traffic or not you can add newest technologies and applications such as message boards, MySQL, Software or video download on your website.
Unlimited web hosting offers all of the following features, which include:
Virus Protection
Spam Protection
Web-Based E-mail Accounts
Shopping Carts
FTP accounts
Unlimited web hosting plans have all the standard features plus some additional features that make a difference from the other web hosting plans. These web-hosting plans are expensive so if the company or you afford it then these are the best plans but if you don’t afford then it becomes financial weakness or burden on the company. Some extra features that are involved in unlimited web hosting plans are
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited POP-3 E-mail Accounts
Online Forums with PHP/ MySQL programming codes
Multiple Domains
Downloadable software, games, videos, music and graphics
Online video help
Unlimited FTP accounts
Free domain name registration
Don’t be too much strict on your current needs if there is expected element of future heavy traffic and extra features that you are going to include in your website then don’t try to save a few dollars monthly by bypassing unlimited web hosting packages. Initially unlimited web hosting will feel more expensive but you don’t need to take pains to upgrade your web-hosting plan or to switch web-hosting providers. You just add features without the pain of web hosting plan up gradation.